PureFlix Review – Is this streaming service worth the money?

Entertainment is needed by people, no matter who they are. It makes life be better, and we enjoy it more. In this day and age, technologies have reached heights that are never seen before. With the use of technology, entertainment is just clicks away if you have the requirements needed. Technology takes fun and enjoyment to the next level. Entertainments such as movies, music, TV shows, and other content.

Although everyone likes those types of entertainments, there are people who just couldn’t stand the genre or topic of some. Why? Because it involves a lot of inappropriate stuff like nudity and violence – some elements that are infamous to some people, mostly Christians. In this Pure Flix review, I will tell you why it’s dubbed as the NetFlix of religious families and children.

On what devices can we access Pure Flix?

Before we get to that, let’s know first where we can have access to Pure Flix. Mobile phones and some smart TVs can be used to access the Pure Flix application. Smart TVs included are Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, and Samsung Smart TV.

Other devices such as Roku and Chromecast are also compatible with streaming Pure Flix content. If you are unaware if your device is not compatible with Pure Flix, you can check the Pure Flix website (displayed below) to see all the devices that can run Pure Flix, it is located in the help section.

Pure Flix – What is it?

Pure Flix is a streaming service that has thousands of content that can be streamed via the Internet. A streaming service is what provides you with the entertainment sources, such as movies, TV shows, and other streaming media. Pure Flix is similar to the other streaming services such as Netflix, Youtube, and Hulu.

To know how it looks like, go and visit their website at https://pureflix.com.

What content does Pure Flix have?

Pure Flix can be streamed with the use of the Internet and the devices compatible with the application. Although, the Internet needed to be used is not the slow type, because the quality of the media will be depending on the speed of your Internet. It should at least reach up to 10-15mbps for you to gain the best streaming experience. Aside from the quality of the streaming service, the movie qualities are also good, and they stream some of the best Christian movies as well, like the movie “God’s Not Dead,” etc.

Thousands of content are produced there, you should find what movie you will like there by exploring the website or application. Different Pure Flix reviews state that the program is the go-to if you’re going to be leaving your child at home for a few hours. No risk of them seeing stuff you don’t want them to see – you can be sure that Pure Flix safeguards your child’s development.

The Difference of Pure Flix:

Movies, TV shows, and other streaming media that contain the elements not appropriate for the minority, such as violence, profanity, and crime are not available in Pure Flix. The streaming service only offers content that is family-friendly and content that has a theme that involves Christianity and Faith. Just like how Universal Studios produces movies, Pure Flix also has their own studio called Pure Flix Studios.

As a matter of fact, both studios work together to produce films that are for religious people. If there are some curse words in the content there, they will bleep those curse words and won’t be heard, so you don’t have to worry about showing the movies in Pure Flix to the whole family.

Why choose Pure Flix?

Choosing Pure Flix over Netflix is based on the preferences of the person. If the person doesn’t like to see inappropriate content or if it’s something not good for the family, then the Pure Flix is the streaming service tailor-fit for them.

Cost of the Pure Flix subscription:

Subscribing to Pure Flix costs US$10.99 per month, and costs $99.99 per year. What’s good here is that the first 30 days of subscription will be free and will not bill you. This 30-day trial is used for people who want to see if they will like Pure Flix or not.

Many Pure Flix reviews actually admit that at first, they just wanted the free trial of the program. But as time passed by, they saw and realized the efficiency and the quality of Pure Flix.

Pros of Pure Flix

  • You can easily unsubscribe before the 30th day for you to avoid being charged. As a matter of fact, it can be done without having to call their support team;
  • Movies and other contents that are made for the entire family to be watched is always a plus; it makes the streaming experience better if you have the whole family get together;
  • New contents are delivered constantly. Though the time of releases are irregular and they have no exact schedule, they still have it delivered;
  • The number of Christian Films being provided can number up to a thousand, so you will have a lot of options to choose from; and
  • The price of a monthly subscription is $10.99, and the subscription that covers the whole year costs $99.99, which saves you 24% of the money.

Cons of Pure Flix

  • Netflix is still smoother than Pure Flix because of the amount of subscribers Netflix has, which makes them improve their service more than Pure Flix;

Final verdict

For me, Pure Flix is worth the money if you prefer movies which does not contain adult-content and other elements that give you bad appeal. It just makes the streaming experience better, and the content it delivers can be watched with the whole family. The first 30 days with no billing charges is also a good way to test out whether you will like the services they provide or not.

We hope that this Pure Flix review somehow made you think about how your child uses the internet. As a matter of fact, it’s kind of uncontrollable especially now that websites can easily be accessed without encryption. With Pure Flix, you can be worry-free and you can even have them watch for hours straight without them encountering scenes you don’t want them to see.