Tranquillis Review – The Truth About Your Tinnitus

Howard Briggs, together with Dr. Edgar Lambert formulated the very powerful Tranquillis. Mr. Briggs after having worked as a medical librarian for more than three decades, devoted much of his time in finding the cure for tinnitus. In this Tranquillis review, we will be detailing what it is to help tinnitus patients get rid of tinnitus.

Dr. Lambert, a brain specialist, was with Mr. Briggs when they discovered that tinnitus has nothing to do with hearing. Instead, it was something to do with the brain.

They have concluded that tinnitus is a condition in which weak signals are not sent from one brain cell to another. According to them, when a brain signal is unable to go through the next brain cell, the brain will try to fix itself. When the brain is unable to repair or fix itself that is when the noise is produced.

Mr. Briggs himself was a victim of tinnitus which was the same reason why he almost ended his own life. After discovering the very powerful supplement, he then offered this help to many people suffering from tinnitus.

After a series of unsuccessful operation, doctors, and experts alike found out that tinnitus has nothing to do with the ear.

What is Tranquillis?

Tranquillis is an all-natural dietary supplement that could possibly be the answer to tinnitus. It contains potent brain nutrients that repair, recreate, and maintain the brain’s condition. It is also carefully formulated to enhance brain calmness to prevent the phantom noise from coming back, as well as improving the memory.

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What is the composition of Tranquillis?

Tranquillis is made up of no chemicals; its ingredients are all-natural and they aim to repair and regenerate healthy cells which are very helpful to the elderly. Tranquillis consist of Vitamins B6 and B12, Vitamin C, Folic Acid, and Niacin. Carefully combined with other potent ingredients like Juniper Berry, Uva Ursa, Hawthorn Berry, Hibiscus, Olive leaves, and garlic.

It actually is composed of natural elements known to battle infections and in relieving pain. Since its ingredients are chemical-free, patients do not have to worry about any side effects.

But does it really work? Here’s what we found out…

Tranquillis is very effective because of how the formulation is carefully done with all the ingredients perform their respective role stages. The process of healing tinnitus using Tranquillis has 5 stages:

  1. Tranquillis begins by fixing the brain cell networks first. By calming the nervous system, it prevents brain cells from hearing or creating sounds like clicking, buzzing, ringing, or hissing.
  2. The second part is introducing silence to the part of the patient by ensuring a strong and healthy brain cell network.
  3. Third stage is where the restoration and the repair happens. All damaged cells will be repaired and in the process, improves the memory.
  4. After repairing the damaged cells, the regeneration of undamaged cells start. This will continue to make sure that the healthy state of the brain is maintained and it prevents it from having serious damage and illnesses.
  5. Once all the stages are completed, it then protects and shields the brain from tinnitus and other forms of brain illnesses

Many tinnitus patients are actually thankful for the product. At first, a lot of them were doubting that the product is nothing but a scam since it’s open knowledge to tinnitus patients that tinnitus has no specific cure.

However, based on different Tranquillis reviews, a majority of patients who tried the product either got rid of tinnitus or the intensity actually lessened. Although some of them were not able to experience this, many of the people who tried it were successful.

Advantages of Tranquillis

  • All-natural ingredients with no known side-effects;
  • Medically proven to help patients with tinnitus;
  • Guarantees a permanent solution if taken correctly;
  • Improves memory;
  • Protects the brain from illnesses;
  • Approved by FDA; and
  • Being offered a 60-day money-back guarantee

Disadvantages of Tranquillis

  • Available only through the Internet;
  • Slow shipment (according to some Tranquillis reviews); and
  • It’s actually quite expensive

How much is the product?

The current price of Tranquillis is $69 a bottle from its original price of $99. They are also offered in different packages if you want to buy in large amounts.

One bottle of Tranquillis contains 60 capsules. If you want to buy three bottles, it will cost you $177, giving you $30 discount. If you buy 6 bottles, will cost you $294, giving you huge savings. You don’t need to worry about shipping and handling, they are offered for free. Visit their website at to view customer reviews and testimonials, and to see if there are available coupons and discounts.

But thinking that Tranquillis is not that effective and that you are not satisfied with its performance, you can always send the product back with no risk involved. You just have to return it within 60 days of purchase.

Is it really effective?

Just the fact that it has so many positive reviews and testimonials over the Internet, we know that this product is legit. According to the people who have taken this supplement is that it has not just cured their tinnitus, but also improved their memory and brain functions.

Among those who submitted reviews and testimonials, the majority were aging people. But there were also those who were in their 20s and 30s. Although Tranquillis is specifically formulated to cure tinnitus, it is also a supplement that prevents brain chronic illnesses and helps improve moods and memory.

Final words

Tranquillis is a product that is made by a person who had tinnitus before. It is medically proven to be of aid to tinnitus patients. I would say that I will definitely recommend this product to my parents. Although both are not suffering from tinnitus, it would drastically improve their memory. With no known side-effects, it’s effective to everyone.

Try and find different Tranquillis reviews online and see for yourself. It might be costly and you might find it ridiculous, but the fact that it can help tinnitus patients and improve all people’s brain functions makes it more alluring.