TV Fox Antenna Review. Is it better than the competitor’s products?

This TV Fox Antenna Review will focus on the performance of this established antenna unit.

The competition for indoor TV antenna grows weekly, well t seems that way to me. There are dozens of units to choose from some claiming military styling! Why do I need a military style antenna in my home? I want to watch TV not listen to the Pentagon’s military plans for Syria.

Honestly, the competition is now so fierce. We need to do our homework more and more to weed out the chaff from the grain.

What is behind the TV Fox Antenna?

Let me explain how this all came about. There is a law on the books that states all cable companies must supply an amount of free to air viewing. Yes free, why have I been paying expensive cable bills for years? It is all about content and signal quality.

All of the cable companies comply with the law, but some comply with less integrity hoping to maintain their client base and there revenue generating operation. So what do I mean comply with less integrity?

Well, there is compliance and then there is compliance! Most cable companies supply the free to air programming at a reduced frequency. Now you get the picture. However, in reality you do not get the picture forcing you to maintain your subscription if you want to watch TV. See what I mean when I spoke about less integrity.

TV Fox Antenna. What is different about the TV Fox antenna?

Let us look much close in this TV FOX Antenna Review specifically at the TV Fox antenna. The antenna boosts the amplification of the signal up to 50 times. This means the companies transmitting at lower frequency cannot avoid their signal reception pick up by the TV Fox Antenna. Then you can watch TV without subscription.

TV Fox Antenna will allow you to view most of top 100 channels broadcast free. Now you know what you have been missing.

You only need to purchase the TV Fox Antenna one time. You will receive all these channels free not to mention all the free movies they will also broadcast to TV Fox Antenna.

Do you know that 25% of all homes have cancelled their subscriptions to cable networks? That is a whopping one in four homes. There is a revolution going down and cable companies are panicking as their revenues drop.

So what is the answer for the consumer? You need to understand that not all TV antennas are made equal and the competition is fierce. Research is the key to success in breaking the bonds with your cable supplier.

Now, the TV Fox Antenna is at the top offering more than other competitors do. The situation is dynamic. You may find a better deal that suits your budget tomorrow or the following week. Be patient. It is a onetime investment.

Cable companies know the game is up. They will try to entice you with internet and phone packages to keep you locked in to the monthly subscription. With streaming and the TV Fox Antenna, you can significantly reduce your family’s entertainment budget for the year.

If you take into consideration, the saving you will make from not subscribing the TV Fox Antenna is almost a giveaway. I am amazed the TV Fox Antenna is so competitively price.

TV Fox Antenna. Is it easy to install?

I promise it is easy to install. It is almost a simple as plugging in the coaxial cable and then watching free cable channels.

You need to be aware that the antenna placement is important. With transmitting towers spread over wide distances, you need to pick the strongest signal. You can check online the locations of the towers.

TV Fox Antenna has a unique multi-directional signal finder. It is distinctive to this antenna. It will make it easy to find a good signal giving the best picture.

Because the TV Fox Antenna is made from quality components, you will watch free to view channels 1080 high definition. You will also receive many of the benefits offered by your old cable TV supplier.

TV Fox Antenna Advantages:

  • Free view TV
  • 1080 High Definition viewing
  • More channels provided than other indoor antenna
  • 30 mile range
  • Sleek design
  • Multidirectional signal reception
  • Design can be reversed
  • Light weight
  • Signal amplifier

This is a good antenna if not the best offer today.

TV Fox Antenna Disadvantages:

  • If the location is poor, channels will be limited

There are not many disadvantages to the TV Fox Antenna. It is viewed as a hardcore product for person serious about saving money.

TV Fox Antenna. Where can I Purchase.

You can purchase the TV Fox Antenna from specialist outlets like Wal-Mart and the others. You can purchase online from It is worth shopping around to find discounts. Multiple units can attract a massive 60% off.

The TV Fox Antenna costs USD35.74 for one Antenna. If you buy up to five antennas, the cost comes down to USD23.65 each. You can obviously buy smaller quantity.

All major credit cards are accepted at retail outlets.


This TV Fox Antenna Review has provided you enough information about product to make a purchasing decision.

There is a minefield of antenna offered in the market place today, many of them have nice features and would be easy to live with.

For me, the best product on the market today at an almost giveaway price point is the TV Fox Antenna. It boasts great features and benefits. It will look good in your home or trailer. This antenna provides almost identical offerings you would receive from a cable company subscription.

It will give you 1080 high definition viewing for a fraction of the yearly subscription fees.

A standout feature is the multi-directional signal receiver. This will make installation a simple process.

Enjoy watching free to air programs through your new TV Fox Antenna.