REVIEW: Fungus Hack by Nutrition Hacks – Must Read Before Buying The Product!

Living your daily routine as it is while suffering from a toenail fungus, is not such a good idea, since no matter how much you hold onf it, time will come that you will get tired of it.

Researching in your browsers for any great ideas on how to eliminate the invading fungus is not enough to cure the affected area and return it to the normal state. Whenever you have toenail fungus, you need to be extra careful in taking care of it because it is highly contagious.

As of this moment, there are many products being introduced in the market that’s why bear in mind, when you are interested on a certain product, you need extra knowledge about it so you can ensure your own safety.

Here we have another product that is said to be effective in eliminating fungus, Fungus Hack created by a manufacturer named Nutrition Hacks. This product is in a supplement form that allegedly removes toenail fungus by regulating the yeast balance of your body. Ingredients that are blended in are totally natural and consist of fatty acids.

You will learn a lot of things from this Fungus Hack Review, as we will make a quick discussion on its different aspects especially what made the whole supplement effective. Let’s learn more about this newly-introduced product by reading the whole article.

Who Is Behind Fungus Hack?

Brett Johnson, is known for being the mastermind of the product, Fungus Hack, and a former victim of toenail fungus. As a result of having toenail fungus, he fell into a coma from trying different medications that could possibly help him but in the end, it made a lot of damage to his liver. When he fully recovered and discharged, he made an extensive research on any possible cures for toenail fungus as his wife’s face was also infected by fungus and he didn’t want to make his wife experience what he previously suffered.

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Fungus Hack for Toenail Fungus

If you think you are starting to suffer a symptom where your nail begins to thicken and gradually crumbling, then you are probably affected by invading fungus. Once a you have a weakened immune system against yeast growth you will have higher chances of getting attacked by fungus. As a result, your toenail would most likely get affected.

How the Supplement works

Fungus Hack has 3 simple ways to eliminate the presence of fungus in your toenail completely:

  1. First Phase. Using the ingredients that are blended in, it would directly target where there is a presence of fungus.
  2. Second Phase. In this phase, the outside protective walls of the toenails fungus would be broken down to make it easier to eliminate in the third phase. Brett used specialized enzymes, which is Amylase 5000, Protease 35000, and Lipase 1000 and have a function of destroying the cell walls of toenail fungus.
  3. Third Phase. In the final phase, it aims to completely eliminate the toenail fungus and other affected areas to make it sure, it won’t go back. The ingredients namely, lemongrass, walnut hulls, and oregano powder were used for its antibiotic properties against the toenail fungus.

Does it contains any bonuses?

From what you can find in their official website, Brett included a bonus book (“ 7 Fungus Causing Health Foods”) into the package to make sure we can manage ourselves while intaking the supplement especially when you are having tight schedules and you don’t have enough time to browse online for the possible foods that can trigger the occurrence of fungus.

Advantages of Fungus Hack

  • The whole supplement offers a very cheap price to make sure that they can help those customers who are struggling both in money and time.
  • It doesn’t only eliminate and treat your toenail fungus, as it can help to strengthen your immune system and protects your brain.
  • If you are not satisfied with their product, then you could email them for a full refund within 180 days. In other words, you have 180 days to fully test the product.
  • It contains a bonus book (“7 Fungus Causing Health Foods”).
  • Based on studies regarding the supplement, we cannot say this is a complete cure but it can improves your overall health.

Disadvantages of Fungus Hack

  • It is not considered as a medical treatment but only as a supplement that could eliminate the presence of fugus in your toenails, but it doesn’t mean it could not benefit your condition.
  • The ingredients that are used may be natural but it doesn’t mean you would not suffer from any unwanted effects but in this fungus hack, there are no severe side effects that has been reported.
  • If you are living within U.S, then the estimated time for the arrival of the product will be around 1-3 days which is good to hear but for those people who are interested to buy the product but are living abroad then you may expect a longer estimated time for the arrival of the product within 1-2 weeks. Possible delays could happen, resulting for you to wait a little bit longer.


From what’s stated in their official website which is “”, you could purchase one bottle for $69.85 and for a bottle of three, the pricing will be $177.95. They even add a more economical price for six bottles for $294.95.


Other supplements for eliminating toenail fungus are being sold around the market, that’s why you need to pick the right partner for you but with a set of advantages such as free shipping fee, bonus book and the 180-days money back policy that the Fungus Hack offer.

It is a great idea to try this product instead of wasting a lot of money on expensive medications. When you have severe toenail fungus, this product is not recommended for you as it may not benefit you. Similar to the other Fungus Hack Reviews, it is indeed a great product to try especially considering the high-quality ingredients that are used in this supplement.

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