Neurossential Review. Is this another hoax?

In this Neurossential Review, I will look into the claims made about this supplement. I will try to establish if the ingredients used really do have the nutrients to improve our cognitive function. Will we really get the benefits from this product?

I think that from time to time we all need a little help with the way that we think. However, as we know our brain control everything we do and how we feel including our moods.

Occasionally, we feel down for varying reasons. An argument with a loved one, maybe feeling unappreciated, work related stress and many more situations trigger our moods.

Neurossential claims that with this supplement our mood will become better and will even out as we progress with daily use of this supplement.

Who needs to use this supplement?

The manufacturers will have you believe that we all need to use this product. We should be skeptical of the claims. There are many products in the market using the same ingredients and making different statements.

It says that Neurossential will prevent insomnia, provide relief from headaches and nausea. It is claimed to cure tinnitus, which are noises in your ears not generated from an external source. Your thought process will be clearer using this product.

The claims for this product are so many it is hard to believe. As I pointed out previously you find the same ingredients in many other products mainly for curing tinnitus.

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Neurossential investigation

In this Neurossential review, I will take a closer look at the claims and evidence of the product’s effectiveness.

Before we go further, it is important to point out that unlike most supplements providers Neurossential issues a disclaimer and warning about who should not use this product.

I have not seen this before. It encourages me that there may be some actual scientific research into the product. It is perfectly okay to espouse to the natural organic properties of the product. However, some natural ingredients found in nature are powerful and toxic. Some are deadly in the smallest quantities if ingested.

It is always advisable to look for natural approaches if we are experiencing ailments or maladies. In addition, as previously said our brain function is critical to our very survival. Cognitive issues are common particularly as we age.

We all know someone who has difficulty with memory only being able to recall fragments of the recent past; this can be disturbing to relatives if the condition is worsening. It may be an indication of something much more serious.

However, Neurossential asserts to bolster the neural pathways restoring the ability to recall our past.

In addition, to the fantastic state of restoring our neural functions the product maintains to increase the bodies overall sense of feeling healthy and vibrant.

There is a slight problem

There is no scientific evidence giving substance to the claims. The only evidence presented is looking at individual ingredients and assuming when mixed together they will produce an effective remedy or preventive medicine to held brain function.

If this is true it would be one of the greatest medical, breakthroughs of the century may be even the millennia. However, it is not true if it was Neurossential; prescriptions would be written for this product as an effective cure for Parkinson’s disease and Alzhymers. Today research is advance and no cure is currently available.

Do you not feel the claims made are insulting your intelligence?


The ingredients used are natural but because of the bovine gelatin used as a binding agent. However, the product is not appropriate and acceptable for vegetarians or vegan users.

The ingredients are the run of the mill standard ingredients found in tinnitus supplements. Many of these supplements make similar claims of increased cognition but really focus on the tinnitus cure more than anything else focuses.

The ingredients include hibiscus extract, ground olive leaves, Hawthorne berries, garlic and all the vitamins we should be receiving on a daily basis.

The product also contains soy, which triggers an allergic reaction in some people. Nevertheless, in fairness to the manufacturer they do point out through a disclaimer on their website who should not use their product.

Neurossential Pros

The product has tried and tested ingredients for the cure of tinnitus. The product has a comprehensive disclaimer advising who should use the product and more importantly who should not use the product. There is a chat support line through the web page should you have any questions.

Neurossential Cons

It is one more product claiming to cure tinnitus. There is no scientific evidence to back up the claims of increasing the brains mental agility. The product is not suitable for vegetarians and contains a product that can cause allergic reactions.

How can I buy Neurossential?

I always advice to purchase directly from the seller. This should maintain your right to guarantees offered by the seller.

You can purchase from

There are many packages altering the price of the product. The six bottles package will cost USD294.00.

This option saves you USD120.00 over buying single bottles.

There is a no question asked when you ask for their 60 days money back policy through the members’ area in the official website.


This Neurossential Review has offered you an authentic overview of the product and its pitfalls.

You need to disregard the misleading elements to this product because there is no scientific evidence that Neurossential will increase your brains ability to think clear. No evidence that your neural pathways will be strengthened.

Neural pathways diminish with age and no hedgerow supplements can repair it.

However, if you suffer from tinnitus this product will help you. The ingredients do have some scientific research showing that tinnitus is reduced, if not completely cured. You will need to take the capsules for at least a month but you may notice some relief after one or two weeks. You will not feel the effects of the supplement within hours as claimed.

Verify the content of the websites disclaimer page before purchasing, it offers some sound advice.

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