The Faith Diet by Simon White Review: Is it Boon or Bane?

How many times have you found yourself switching from one diet to another every now and then? That momentary struggle of trying out something new hoping it will reap fruits at last but then ends up all in vain on the other way around.  You just can’t seem to find the right weight loss approach that works for you.

Well don’t worry because we’ll save you some hassle by reviewing this one option, the Faith Diet program. In this Faith Diet Review, we’re going to investigate the product step by step and find out if it could be the answer you’ve been looking for all this time, or if it’s just another racket you need to stay away from it at all costs.

What is the Faith Diet?

Basically, it’s a bible-based weight loss system made for Christian believers. You may wonder how weight loss and religious contexts could possibly go together as they are two completely different matters. Well the Faith Diet holistic weight loss guide combines the odds to achieve a solution that is said to help people lose weight by mainly using so called biblical “God-given ingredients” that are said to be the secret agents towards weight loss.

What’s inside the Faith Diet System and how does it work?

The Faith Diet manual is composed of a 7-step system and 12 natural ingredients essential for fat loss. Although it may include some content involving religious principles, it does still go down to the basics the same for mostly any other weight loss programs which is: focusing on the “to eat” and “not to eat foods”, with the incorporation of several workouts to improve metabolism and fire up the fat burning process. That is why this guide consists a list of the secret ingredients along with a diet plan, and includes some exercises that are simple and easy to do.

It focuses on getting your body healthy first in order to lose weight; It works by eliminating toxins, unhealthy fats and sugars in your diet, as it regulates the fat burning capability of the body while also improving the health of your skin. It also includes some other relevant informative content necessary for the weight loss process plus some other tips and advices.

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Benefits you can get from the Faith Diet

Works regardless of age

Health benefits:

  • Boosts energy levels
  • Improves your metabolism
  • Improves health of skin cells
  • Activates fat burning cells of the body
  • Promotes healthy weight loss and allows you to have a toned physique with the implementation of short, effective toning workouts
  • Prevents risk of acquiring diseases such as heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure etc.

Refund: 60-day money back guarantee


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  • The Lazarus Discovery Fat Healing System
  • The Prayer Disciple Relaxation Guide
  • The Guardian Angel Fat Burning Encyclopedia

The drawbacks

  • Not offered for free. Comes with the price of $37
  • No offline availability
  • Designed primarily for Christians and not for people of different faith

The fishy backdrop behind the Faith Diet

We underwent a little background check about the Faith Diet and here is what we found. First thing you’ll notice if you look up their website:, is a guy named Simon White entitled to being the creator of the so called holistic product. According to the information shared about him, he is said to be a military chaplain who came up with this product upon examining the holy bible and discovering the ingredients, which he said God has mentioned in the scriptures for us to consume.

Did you catch all of that? Not to mock but doesn’t this story sound a little bit far-fetched and all made up? Like why would a priest study the bible just to look for foods said to be elaborated by God and specifically ingredients to be helpful for weight loss? It’s all out of the odds right? Due to this suspicion, we did some more research about the creator and guess what, the photo used to represent “Father White” in the website is only a filched photo of a priest named Bill Hill, and the man behind their video is no other than a paid actor; so Simon White has no verified identity and is just a fictional character made by a scammer, now do you also smell the fishy vibe behind this product?

Not only that, but there are also a few other evidences that this product might be a con. As you can see in their website, there are a lot of “life-changing” testimonials about the Faith Diet from said to be customers. Well of course they are all fake and pictures used to display these personas are also stock photos that can be bought from different websites. This isn’t new since it’s a common tactic many weight loss scams use to bamboozle people. The creator is a scam, the testimonials are a scam, how about the product itself? That my friend is the big question this Faith Diet Review is going to unfold.

Last words about the Faith Diet

According to the information we’ve gathered in this Faith Diet Review, The Faith Diet guideline seem to be an equitable product that can be helpful with weight loss. Although it does have a scammy background behind it, this doesn’t prove the legitimacy of the product and its effectiveness. It emphasizes the importance of the roles of diet and adding exercise in order to get a shaped body, which is what losing weight is mainly all about. This means that this holistic weight loss manual actually may have something to offer and isn’t all just loaded with some religious nonsense.

So if you’re a Christian individual having problems with your excess weight, this holistic approach may be worth a try for you. After all you won’t have any regrets buying it since the company has got you covered with their 60-day money back policy if you’re not satisfied with their product. However, be still aware of the scam alert we’ve warned you about, although there is still pretty much nothing to lose upon giving this product a shot with their guaranteed refund. After all weight loss journeys come to this saying in the end, “Try and fail, but never fail to try.”

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